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September 10, 2015

The ZooMill brand

We are happy and proud to present you of our new beautiful brand.

It’s designed with 3 animals: a cow, a sheep and one little hen. In our vision they have to symbolise and gather all the farm animals.

About the colours, we’ve chosen brilliant different shades of yellow and brown for the animals: these colours remind of the land and the cereals, basic nutriment for the animal diet.

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The mill mixer Zoom 1.0

Versatile, practical, economical, this small mill mixer named Zoom 1.0, is just useful and necessary to start producing the feed blands for your breeding farm.
It is a machines composed by an hammer mill combined with a vertical screw for mixing. It permits a milling with manual dosing of the ingredients. The machine is equipped with electrical panel.

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Marek’s disease in broilers


Marek’s disease is widespread throughout the world and has viral origins. It’s caused by a highly contagious herpes virus that affects young chickens between 8 and 20 weeks old; nonetheless, there are good chances that the disease may affect adult chickens too.


Infection occurs either by direct contact with sick animals or by indirect contact such as the ingestion of infected food or water. Incubation and course of the disease is slow, it may take 40-50 days before it appears.

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