We are happy and proud to present you of our new beautiful brand.

It’s designed with 3 animals: a cow, a sheep and one little hen. In our vision they have to symbolise and gather all the farm animals.

About the colours, we’ve chosen brilliant different shades of yellow and brown for the animals: these colours remind of the land and the cereals, basic nutriment for the animal diet.

The character chosen for the logo is very effective; the first word Zoo is yellow and it refers to the colour of the animals, whereas the word Mill.com is black and gives to the logo a big impulse and intensity for being remembered.

Look for our brand in your country and you will find synonymous of quality, capacity and determination to offer products and projects of high performance and search for authorised ZooMill Dealers in your area and ask them to show you all our zootechnical products.

We invite you to check our web site to the address: http://www.zoomil.com.