Zoomill is looking for new Zootechnical Dealers with reference to our free areas.

Becoming a ZooMill’s Dealer is easy and it means to join a family who will help you to implement your business and supply all the documents for your new interesting business.

How to do it?

It’s sufficient to keep in touch with the ZooMill referring of the company by phone or mail.

In this first step you should call or write to the representetives and ask them all the questions to analyze at a deeper level the important topics for the future partnership.

The second step is to open an Account that gives you the right to log into the Reserved Area in our ZooMill website. Once you logged in, it’s possible to check the various ZooKits and the related prices. In addition, the Dealer can customise the selected kit and peronalise it with proposed accessories dedicated to every single kit.

Every kit is completed with 3D designs and a detailed description.

The important innovation of our firm is to offer our Dealer the possibility to buy all the Zookits online.

We are waiting for you!

Our contacts:
email: info@zoomill.com
phone: +39 049 9630802