Zoom 1.0, if you look at it closer, reveals itself as machine built with a high level of quality and it distinguishes itself for many aspects if compared to some competitors’ models.

Quality in 15 steps:

  1. COMPACT SOLUTION – the overall dimensions are very compact: 2.3 x 2.3 x 2.9 H mt. You do not need a big area to install it
  2. EASY TRANSPORT AND INSTALLATION – it’s packed on a pallet, already assembled.  When you receive it, you’ll only need to do the wiring to the electric panel; it’s a quick operation, it will take approx. 20 minutes.  Then you will be ready to start using your Zoom 1.0
  3. OUR COLOURS – it’s painted in two different colours. All the components in GREY identify the MILLING part of the process, whereas the YELLOW ones refer to the MIXING process
  4. HAMMER MILL POSITION – our engineers have positioned the hammer mill at the base of the machine so that it is easily accessible by the operator
  5. HAMMER MILL FEATURES – the CASE is die cast iron. No welded or bolted parts. It’s an airtight case. Advantages: longer lifespan, less maintenance, more strength
  6. SEPARATE MOTORS – it’s equipped with two separate motors so that the hammer mill and the mixer can be operated separately
  7. SHUTTER – this component is designed to be connected to the mixer in a way which guarantees an easy, quick and  total unloading of the final product from the mixer. It is fitted in a position which is very comfortable for the operator
  8. SAMPLER – the mixer is equipped with a sampler. This is fitted just above the yellow hopper and it allows you to check the animal feed preparation, keeping the working environment clean

Do you want to find out the last 7 steps to quality? Please contact us to find out more!