ZooMill proposes to his Dealers 10 complete feed mill kits with a capacity of 4 tons/hour and 7 complete feed mill kits with a capacity of 8 tons/hour.

What else?

All the Zookits come already with executive civil works drawings so they are ready to be produced and delivered.

A modern Animal Feed Firm should define its aims and goals that must be achieved to both optimise the production of meat, eggs or milk and maximise the sales.

The manager of the Feed Company should find good partners to work with in order to make his business growing.

One of the ZooMill’s goals is to be closer to its Dealers and cooperate with them to help the business growing in their country.

What does ZooMill propose?

ZooMill offers Zoom 4.0 – 8.0 tons/hours

These are the basic units of a compact feed mill plant with a capacity of 4 and 8 t/h (poultry basis, 8/10 mm grids).
Basic solution: it allows to produce high quality zootechnical feed, thanks to a completely automated dosage of raw materials, grinding and mixing system.Every working load (batch) is 1000 kgs.
These basic units may be fitted with different stocking configurations for the raw materials or finished products: have a look at our different ZooKits.