Hammer mill and mixer to produce high quality animal feed.

ZooMill is very glad to present the new Zoom 1.0 and Zoom 2.0 (see our new  video Zoom 1.0); new color and  new design are the main features of these little feed mill units.

The compact feed mill unit Zoom 1.0, is perfect to feed animals in small farms; it’s sufficient to have electricity and a small area to arrange the Zoom 1.0 and  to start working.

Zoom 1.0 is a machine composed by an hammer mill combined with a vertical screw for mixing. It permits a milling with manual dosing of the ingredients.

1000 kg/h is the feed produced by this machine (based on a grid with 8 mm Ø holes), if you want to double the quantity it’s sufficient to place the second mixer (model Zoom 2.0)

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Thanks to the new dimensions of the Zoom 1.0 it is possible to pack 3 units in a 20′ container and 6 units in a 40′ container.  They come already assembled and there is no need for a big area to install them.

Spare parts are available online.

In ZooMill website there is a dedicated section – ZooMill Spare Parts– where it is possible to choose the spare parts, looking prices, pictures and item codes.