ZooMill 10/MO horizontal mixer is mainly used in the feed processing industries.


High homogeneity rate

It is guaranteed thanks to its design. This mixer is equipped with a central shaft with various paddles fixed on it. Paddles have different lengths and orientations, in order to allow the best mixing process and therefore the highest homogeneity rate. Paddles are fixed through bolts to the central shaft: they are easy to remove for maintenance and their orientation can be easily changed if the customer wishes so.

2016-11-23_124438High capacity and quick mixing time

ZooMill 10/MO horizontal mixer is driven by a 9.2 kW motor and has a nominal capacity of 2500 liters that corresponds to nearly 1000 Kg of flour.  In the mixer, the grinded cereals, along with the various ingredients manually or automatically integrated, are mixed for an average interval of 3.5/4 minutes: a timer clocks the desired interval. Two discharge gates (pneumatic) allows to discharge the mixed material very quickly.



The standard cover is equipped with 4 supports where a tank with weighing system can be easily fixed and it has two gates to allow the entrance of premix and grinded cereals. The cover can be custom made according to the specific needs required by the installation. The mixer is available either with motor on the left or on the right, according to the position of the gear motor with respect to the axis of the mixer.
Vegetable oils can be integrated in the mixer (possibility to supply the oil pump).


Possibility of OEM

Possibility to brand the machines with the customer’s logo for minimum order quantities.

In the ZooMill range is also available the version 20/BMO:

Capacity (lt): 3.500
Capacity (Kg): 2.000
Power kW: 18,5