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The Newcastle desease – NDV


The Newcastle disease (paramyxovirus, of the Group 1 serotype) is a contagious bird disease transmissible to humans; this rapid diffusion viral disease can appear in every moment of the year (from winter to summer). The pathogen is very resistant, up to different months.
The Newcastle disease can have different virulence variation: if this variation is low then the disease may not appear whereas if the virulence variation is high, then it will cause the diffusion of the virus and an high mortality rate.

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Marek’s disease in broilers


Marek’s disease is widespread throughout the world and has viral origins. It’s caused by a highly contagious herpes virus that affects young chickens between 8 and 20 weeks old; nonetheless, there are good chances that the disease may affect adult chickens too.


Infection occurs either by direct contact with sick animals or by indirect contact such as the ingestion of infected food or water. Incubation and course of the disease is slow, it may take 40-50 days before it appears.

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