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Instruction to disable cookies from browsers.

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What are cookies

The cookies, as described in the reference norm, are small dimension text strings that the visited web pages send to its terminal (usually to the browser), where they are recorded to be consequently transmitted to the very same web page during the following visit of the same user. During the surfing on a webpage, the user can receive on his/her terminal also cookies sent by other web site or servers (i.e. “third parties”), on which can be present some elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domain pages) positioned on the page they are visiting. The cookies are used for different purposes: informatics authentication executions, sessions monitoring, registration of specific settings concerning the users that enter the server, etc. We precise that according to the directive 2009/136/CE, it is foreseen the obligation to obtain a previous and informed authorization for the installation of the cookies used for different reasons from the merely technical ones (cfr. Art. 1 comma 5, lett. A) of the Decreto Legislativo (Italian legislative decree) 28 may 2012, n. 69 which modified art. 122 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 – The “Codice”). Therefore we distinguish two macro-categories: “technical” and “profiling” cookies.

a. Technical cookies The technical cookies are the ones used only to “transmit a communication over an electronic communication net, or exclusively to supply the service by the company explicitly authorized by the user or member” (cfr. Art. 122, comma 1 of Italian Code). They will not be used for purposes beyond the declared and are usually installed directly either by the owner or manager of the web site. They can be divided into session or surfing cookies, which guarantee the normal surfing and experiencing on the web site (they enable, for example, to purchase an item or log in for the reserved area); cookies analytics, associated to the technical cookies when used directly by the manager of the site to receive information, in aggregated way, on the number of users and on how they visit the same web site; functionality cookies, that permit the user to surf the web page in a determined way (i.e. language, items selected for purchasing) in order to improve the service given. To install these cookies it is not necessary to ask for the consent of the user, while it is compulsory to give information according to art. 13 of the Italian Code.

b. Profiling cookies. The profiling cookies are necessary to create profiles of the user and they are used to send advertisement messages in line with the preferences showed by the user during the surfing on the net. According to the particular invasivity these devices can have on the personal sphere of users, the European and Italian norms foreseen that the user should be adequately informed on their usage in order to express their valid consent. Art. 122 of the Italian Code at the paragraph “the filing of information in the terminal device of a contractor or user who expressed his or her consent after having being informed with the modalities simplified of art. 13, comma 3 (art. 122, comma 1 of the Italian Code). Further information on cookies can be found at this URL:

Cookies used by the site: as the main part of the web sites, even our site uses the cookies to let our users experience the site in the best way possible. Our cookies permit to: – remember the settings during the visits or when you log in – improve speed and safety of the web site – permit to share pages through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter – improve and renew our website for you – make our marketing more efficient. We remind you that we will not use cookies without your express consent for: – collect information for personal identification – collect confidential information

Web site and third parties cookies for integrating products and function of software of third parties.

This type of cookies integrate functionalities developed by third parties inside the pages of the Site such as icons and preferences expressed in the social network with the aim of sharing contents in the Site or to use the software services of third parties (such as software for the generation of maps or other software that offer additional services). These cookies are sent by domains of third parties who offer their functionalities through the site. For this type of cookies the consent can be expressed by the user in one or more of the following ways: through specific setting of the browser used or the electronic programs used to surf the pages that compose the Site. Through modification of the settings in the usage of services given by third parties. – Google’s You Tube (Google Inc.) to include YouTube video in this site: Youtube is a video content display service given by Google Inc. that permit this Application to integrate these contents inside our pages. Place of treatment: USA. Data collected: Cookies and surfing data Read Privacy Policy  – Google Maps (Google Inc.): to include and build Google Maps in this site: Google Maps is a service of maps display managed by Google Inc. that permit this Application to integrate these content inside our pages. Place of treatment: USA. Data collected: Cookies and surfing data Read Privacy Policy  Google Analytics (Google Inc.): The analytics cookies are considered technical cookies in case that are used to improve the site and in case the users’ IP remain anonymous. We inform the user that this site uses the free service Google Analytics. We remind that the data are used only to record the most visited pages, the number of users, the aggregated data of the most used operating systems and browsers etc. These parameters are filed on Google’s servers that rule the Privacy (guide lines, click here). A user can deactivate Google Analytics during the surfing by using an additional component available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Place of treatment: USA. Data collected: Cookies and surfing data. Discover how to deactivate google analytics, click here

Cookies of Social Media Sharing

These cookies are used to integrate some wide spread functionalities of the main social media and include them in the web site. In particular, they permit the registration and log in in the site through Facebook and Google Connect, the sharing and comments of some pages in the social, they enable the “Like” function of Facebook and the “+1” of G+. Hereafter you can find the links to their privacy policies. – “Like” and “Share” buttons and social widget of FACEBOOK (Facebook, Inc.). The “Like” button and the social widgets of Facebook are services for interacting with the social network Facebook, supplied by Facebook Inc. Place of treatment: USA. Data collected: Cookies and surfing data. Read Privacy Policy – Button +1 and social widgets Google+ (Google Inc.) The “+1” button and the social widgets of Google+ are services for interacting with the social network Google+, supplied by Google Inc. Place of treatment: USA. Data collected: Cookies and surfing data. Read Privacy Policy