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Horizontal mixer MO/10

ZooMill 10/MO horizontal mixer is mainly used in the feed processing industries.


High homogeneity rate

It is guaranteed thanks to its design. This mixer is equipped with a central shaft with various paddles fixed on it. Paddles have different lengths and orientations, in order to allow the best mixing process and therefore the highest homogeneity rate. Paddles are fixed through bolts to the central shaft: they are easy to remove for maintenance and their orientation can be easily changed if the customer wishes so.

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New Zoom 1.0 and 2.0

Hammer mill and mixer to produce high quality animal feed.

ZooMill is very glad to present the new Zoom 1.0 and Zoom 2.0 (see our new  video Zoom 1.0); new color and  new design are the main features of these little feed mill units.

The compact feed mill unit Zoom 1.0, is perfect to feed animals in small farms; it’s sufficient to have electricity and a small area to arrange the Zoom 1.0 and  to start working.

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The mill mixer Zoom 1.0

Versatile, practical, economical, this small mill mixer named Zoom 1.0, is just useful and necessary to start producing the feed blands for your breeding farm.
It is a machines composed by an hammer mill combined with a vertical screw for mixing. It permits a milling with manual dosing of the ingredients. The machine is equipped with electrical panel.

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