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Horizontal mixer MO/10

ZooMill 10/MO horizontal mixer is mainly used in the feed processing industries.


High homogeneity rate

It is guaranteed thanks to its design. This mixer is equipped with a central shaft with various paddles fixed on it. Paddles have different lengths and orientations, in order to allow the best mixing process and therefore the highest homogeneity rate. Paddles are fixed through bolts to the central shaft: they are easy to remove for maintenance and their orientation can be easily changed if the customer wishes so.

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The ZooMill brand

We are happy and proud to present you of our new beautiful brand.

It’s designed with 3 animals: a cow, a sheep and one little hen. In our vision they have to symbolise and gather all the farm animals.

About the colours, we’ve chosen brilliant different shades of yellow and brown for the animals: these colours remind of the land and the cereals, basic nutriment for the animal diet.

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Check this out:

ZooMill offers his Dealers the possibility to manage the quotations and orders through the website
All the Dealer needs to do is to register and create his own account, which will give the right to access the Reserved Area of the ZooMill website.

What can you do after the log in?

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A new partner for the zootechnical dealers

We are happy and proud to present to the Zootechnical World the new brand: ZooMill.

Who we are?

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